Key questions

ByGiuliano Alviani

Key Questions

This chapter provides key questions and guiding answers for the three target groups of the MOOC BOOK:

  1. Businesses/Organisations »
  2. Higher Education Institutions »
  3. Learners (Society) »

All 3 areas provide a number of relevant questions and answers relating to how MOOCs address each target group. The questions have been identified in the first phase of the BizMOOC project in 2016 where 1.193 learners and 106 business and higher education representatives have been surveyed/interviewed. The questions were then published in Februar 2017 in the MOOC BOOK Version 1.0 and invited the community to contribute with feedback, comments and Inputs in an open-review procedure. In total, more than 380 community inputs have been considered and incorporated in the current version 2.0.